FortiFone Softclient

Say “Hello” with the FortiFone softclient and stay connected to the office, never missing an important call. With the FortiFone softclient you transform your mobile device into an extension connected to the FortiVoice phone system, giving you a truly unified communication experience.

With the intuitive interface of the FortiFone softclient, you’ll be able to get up and running, answer and transfer calls, call other extensions on the FortiVoice and check your voicemail with ease. All this as if you were really in the office.

A true extension of the FortiVoice Call history
G.711u, G.711a, G.729a, G.722 codec support Contacts with favorites and the system directory
Do not disturb Generic SIP account support (Android only)
Call forwarding, transfer and hold Bluetooth headset support
Visual voicemail  


Available for Android devices on the Google Play store here.

Available for iOS devices on the App store here.

Download the datasheet here.

For full feature capabilities, a license is required on the FortiVoice phone system. For licensing information please contact a FortiVoice sales representative.

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