Extension Groups

Configure any group of local extensions to ring in unison. Forward and transfer calls to up to 10 extension groups either manually or through an auto attendant or call cascade sequence.

FortiVoice supports 10 extension groups.

Each extension group has:

  • Independent call handling functionality.
  • Individualized distinctive ring cadence.
  • FortiVoice's call screening feature.

Treat each extension group as an internal department. Create a different ring cadence for each department so each department knows who should answer a call by the sound of the ring. 

Alternate Configurations:

You could be busy at work and not want to handle calls from the general public, butwant to be alerted when your colleagues try to contact you.

Set up two methods of transferring calls to your phone.

  1. Extension 111 is your extension with a regular ring.
  2. Extension group 300 rings your extension only, but with a short-short ring pattern.

Now you have general public calls routed to extension 111 and have collegues route to extension group 300. Both ring your extension but with a different ring pattern.

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