FortiVoice Click-to-Dial

Click-to-Dial enables system users to make calls using their Microsoft Outlook contacts list. 

Download Click-to-Dial software.

The installer will prompt you for the system's IP address and the user extension number and password. This information is available from the system's configuration:

For FVE series:
In the web interface, go to Extensions -> Extensions -> IP Extensions. Click on Other Actions -> Check the password strength of SIP accounts.

For FVC-40S, 40, 70, 100 or 100T:
In the Management software, go to Tools > Click-to-Dial

For FVC-40D2, 70D4, 100D8, 100DT, 180D8, 180DT or 300DT:
In the web interface, go to Status > Phone Systems > Click To Dial


1. In Outlook, click on Contacts.

2. Click on Actions > Call Contact > New Call. A New Call window will appear.

If your extension uses Direct Line Access, proceed directly to step 6.

3. Click on Dialing Properties. A Phone and Modem Options window will appear. Select the location to configure, then click EditAn Edit Location window will appear. 

4. Enter the area code for this location. If desired, enter a unique location name.

Enter the hunt group required for this extension in the To access an outside line for local calls, dial field. Enter the same hunt group in the To access an outside line for long distance calls, dial field.

5. Select the Area Code Rules tab. Click New. A New Area Code Rule window will appear. Enter the area code. In the Rules section check the Include the area code box. Click OK.

Click OK to close the Edit Location window. Click OK to close the Phone and Modem Options window.

6. From the New Call window, click Dialing OptionsDialing Options window will appear. 

7. Select FortiVoice Click to Dial in the Connect using line menu.

Close the New Call window. 


To call to a number in your Outlook contact list, right-click on the contact and select Call Contact. In the New Call window, select the number to call. Click Start Call.

Changing your settings

Go to Start, select Control Panel and Phone and Modem Options. On the Advanced tab, select FortiVoice Click to Dial and click Configure.

Click-to-dial is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010.


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