Unbeatable Value

Save up front and save going forward: FortiVoice is built to save you money. How? Let us count the ways:

1. Low purchase price

FortiVoice costs less. With prices for a complete, all-in-one system starting at US$695, FortiVoice systems come with everything you need, including features that other systems charge extra for.

2. Do-it-yourself set-up

Unlike other phone systems, FortiVoice is a snap to configure yourself. You don't have to pay for expensive technician visits every time you add or move an employee. You can even install it yourself.

3. How do you spell savings? P-B-X.

What's a PBX? It stands for Private Branch Exchange, which allows multiple extensions to share a few phone lines. FortiVoice is a PBX system, so you don't need to pay for an individual phone line for each of your employees, and you don't need a dedicated fax line.

4. Meet your new receptionist

FortiVoice answers and directs your calls and handles inquiries about things like your hours or location. That means you can put more of your people power somewhere else. You'll also find your staff is more effective at what they're supposed to be doing when FortiVoice manages the call traffic.

5. Use your existing phones

Unlike many of the other phone systems on the market, FortiVoice doesn't tie you down to a set of proprietary phones. Our systems work with standard analog phones and selected IP phones, so if you already have phones in the office, you probably don't have to buy any others.

6. Use IP phones and skip the second network

If you're just starting out and haven't wired your new office yet, you can save even more by using FortiVoice with IP telephones. Since IP phones share your computer network, you don't need two different networks. Less wire, less equipment, less complication and, of course, less expense.

7. Use VoIP to reduce or eliminate long distance bills

Want VoIP? No problem; FortiVoice works with FortiCall VoIP service as well as it does with the traditional network. You can connect multiple branches over the Internet or integrate offerings from VoIP service providers. But you're not stuck with FortiVoice. See our list of other approved service partners.


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